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cat hammock
cat hammock
cat hammock

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This Cat hammock can be used in winter as well as in summer and can support a maximum load of 10 kg:

  • supported by four suction pads, the cat hammock is easily installed in a few seconds, requiring no equipment or tools
  • if the suction cup is insufficient, it can be softened with hot water at 60° to improve suction.
  • To prevent the suction pads from falling out, the contact surface and the window of the suction pads must be clean and dust-free.
Estimated delivery time: from 5 to 15 days


    Customer Reviews

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    The kit arrived, but the delivery is very debt about 1,5 months)


    The hammock is of good quality, but the net on the lounger is not quite convenient for the cat, clings with claws and tear the net. Although in the summer on the grid of course it will not be hot to lie down. Fastening one is constantly unstuck. At first the cat went very well on the hammock, but then the lower mount was unstuck, and the animal fell. Not yet.


    Kishka duzha is pre-satisfied, 3 small problems sucker inodi to respond, tom strongly visoko is not raju vishati. And also duzha fino, and saw the duzha is not allowed.


    Kotya oooochen oooochen satisfied. The quality is good, the hammock can withstand 7.5 kg, though a little sagging (well, with such bulls in another will not work). Delivery 7 days to moscow, the courier brought personally. Advice for those who have a cat does not lie down, lower the hammock to the smallest height, and feed the yummy or put your favorite toy, and then my also not from the first time understood how to lie down :)


    It's a wonder, my cat loved it. And all two weeks